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Mobile computing devices are now a crucial part of the modern education landscape and the advantages of providing students
with affordable equipment are numerous. Our education team are here to assist you with the many questions you may have
when it comes to sourcing education devices & pricing.
Murray Computers Education portal provides schools & parents easy access to a wide range of Education specific
laptops, tablets & accessories enabling students to participate and take advantage of learning activities that
involve the use of an approved device as well as its features.

Repairs | Warranty | Support

Murray Computers are service centre agents for many suppliers including Lenovo, HP, Acer & many more!
Although not a warranty centre for Apple we have Apple Certified Mac Technicians on staff.
We have excellent workshop facilities with local support for Parents, Students & Teachers


Murray Computers can simplify the order process for schools & parents by creating an online BYOD portal specifically associated with your school.
An access code is created and supplied to each individual school which is then provided to parents.
Payment options are available: Cash In-store | Card | EFT | Finance: Zip & Interest Free. 
Murray Computers can liaise with your schools IT co-coordinators to create and provide
a custom BYOD portal. Sample devices can be sourced by us for schools to have a
hands-on viewing.
• Education devices need to be sourced and finalized by End of TERM 3.
• Your school's online portal created and approved from the school by End of TERM 3.
• Portal access code provided to PARENTS at the Start of TERM 4 with
   All orders finalized & collated by the End of November.
Education devices are generally a Special Order and require 6-8 weeks
to be full-filled. This enables student devices to be available at the
start of TERM 1.
A sample BYOD Portal for you to browse is located at the top left corner of our website.
Select: BYOD enter access code: BYOD5253 (This portal is for browsing only & is not active.)
Murray Computers are pleased to liaise with your school to create and provide a
BYOD portal for your convenience. These supported products can be located on
your schools online portal.
What do you need to get started?
Use the code you received from your school to view your School's Education specific
products & pricing that is not available in retail stores.
These devices have been carefully selected and approved by your school.
Accessories on the portal are options that need to be considered to ensure the 
functionality & security of the purchased product are met.  
Operating System? Windows | Mac | iOS
Your school may implement a policy which they will approve of one operating system 
This enables teaching across the classroom to be uniform.
If you need further assistance, Please contact us Ph: 08 8532 5577 or