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Your Child first wearable Mobile Phone, Watch & GPS Tracker. No Social Media, No YouTube, No Apps, No Camera No worries! Only Pre-programmed contact list can make & receive calls & messages with your Spacetalk device. Contact list created and managed in Parent's App. AUSTRALIAN MADE & SUPPORTED!
NO Social Media No access to the internet & no distractions or bad habits
School Mode Allows parents to able or disable features during school hours
Privacy & Security All data encrypted & hosted in Australia protected by propietARY SECURITY
Safe Contact list only Only communicate with designated number of safe contacts, set by parents
Location Updates Can be requested at any time or set up at 5 mins - 1 hour intervals
SOS Emergency Button Triggers a list of customised contact set through the AllmyTribe App
Safe Zone Alerts are set up by parents for when thier child arrives or leaves a safe zone eg School or Sports training
Reminder Alarms Teach independenceand can be set for waking up, sport, music lessons & chores
Step Counter Lets you monitor your child daily activity level
Stop Watch Lets kids time themselves & their friends
Torch Can be turned on to find their way in he dark
NO Camera Means increased safety & no risk to your child