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Reduce your telephone costs and unify communications with 3CX phone systems

Our IT department is an official partner of the 3CX IP-PBX telephone platform for
business. Used by over 30,000 organisations across the globe, 3CX is our
prefferred business telephone solutionbecause it is affordable, easy to install
& manage. 3CX also incorporates a large number of enhanced enterprised-grade
features, including fully intergraded instant chat and video conferencing solutions.


What is a 3CX IP-PBX phone system?
(IP-PBX stands for "Internet protocol Private Branch Exchange")
A 3CX IP-PBX system is an affordable software-based IP PBX telephone solution that
provides unified communications out of the box.It is more efficient than traditional
PBX solutions because your calls are delivered using internet protocol as the
underlying transport technology. Because it is sofware-based, 3CX is easy to install,
manage and maintain. The IP-PBX technology allows for an almost unlimited use of
extensions and lines, in addition to the following 3CX enhanced enterprise-grade features. 


»  Use your office extension on the move
»  Unify communications on all devices
»  Integrated web conferencing no matter where you are
»  See presence of colleagues from the phone status
»  Deliver faxes & voicemail to inbox
»  Instant messaging / text chat
»  Reduce your telephone costs


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