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Have you thought about using drone footage for your business?
Drones are increasing thier value in many areas including Agriculture, Education & Business, whether it's for marketing or data collection drones are now used for more than just fun.
The market for drones is growing at a rapid pace. DJI Drones are one of the wolds's leading aerial photography and camera platform manufacutures. They enable people to capture images and video projects that once were out of reach. DJI Drones are suitable for beginners and first-time pilots, through to high-level aerial photographers and cinematographers.
Get a good vantage of the area around you with the DJI Drone Series. Equipped with cutting-edge features,
these drones allow you to take quality photos and video footage from a bird's eye perspective while giving you
a flying experience that's ideal for bothe novice and experienced drone pilots.
Come in and check out our NEW in-store fligt cage and see how easy it is to fly!


Murray computers have professional and affordable repairs for DJI drones. 
Come in and see our tech team to see how we can assist you!
Book online "Repairs & Warrnaty" or Ph: 08 8532 5577





SwellPro make the Ultimate Waterproof Drone and are maker of Splash Drone and Mariner Drone.
The Splash drone 3 auto allows you to operate in all weather conditions, in tough environments,
 whether it's over land or sea. With its advanced modular design, Splash drone 3 can quickly adapt to all types
of missions, from aerial filming, to search and rescue on the water, or for ocean survey work, fishing
and many other applications.
This drone can land in water and take off from water, so no more lost drones to the sea.
It can even release payloads of up to 1kg.



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